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Report of Tennis strings promotion in United States Vol.1

To have more dynamic and proactive promotion
in United States.

We have done sales promotion for one full month from April 4th based in Los Angeles and local suburbs, to enhance awareness of GOSEN Tennis strings and "G-TOUR1".

What we have done in United States(L.A.); visited to Tennis clubs and several local Tennis competitions on weekends, visited to local schools, Universities, and to some Tennis shops to promote our GOSEN brands Tennis strings and "G-TOUR1".

Nobuto Tomioka

Nobuto TomiokaSales promotion director

Our member of GOSEN, Nobuto Tomioka, has visited to sales promotion in Unites States.
Tomioka is great Stringer who is in charge of Stringer for Japan Fed Cup, and Japan Davis Cup.
For more, Japan Davis Cup team has great Tennis players such as Kei Nishikori, Tomioka is in charge of Stringer for Nishikori during the whole competition.

Promotion for "G-TOUR1"
in L.A.

  • G-TOUR1(16GA.)
  • G-TOUR1(16LGA.)

GOSEN's brand new original "HPP Polyester" string; "G-TOUR1".
In pursuit of powerful bounce speed to secure victory.

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and over view images.

Interviewed to Tennis shop owners.

Interviewed to Tennis club members.

Interviewed to contracted Tennis player,
Ms. Jennifer Kida.


We will promote GOSEN Tennis strings continually in United States.
Next visit will be in summer. We are looking forward to seeing Tennis fans in Los Angeles again!

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